About me

Hello world, I am the writer of itsthecutecorner.com,a homemaker, a wife, and a mom too, I’ve been cooking since I was 12 and have learnt everything from my mother, aunt and cousin sister who is very near to my heart, who are the best cook I know.
I started My Food blog to help people cook tasty and easy dishes at home. I believe that the healthiest food you eat is the one made in your own kitchen.
Which is why I bring you recipes from my kitchen Here i tried to post the easy and tasty recipes with less cooking time and less efforts. Being a homemaker/housewife it’s a 24/7 job which can’t be postponed .I m also blessed with a baby boy its very difficult to manage all house hold works with caring of my son.When I’m cooking dinner my mind was on for my son.This is motheringI’m trying my best.I hope they can see that .
This blog is for those who wants to make delicious food with less time as we know that cooking is so important everything could stop bt cooking can’t some time life get difficult with babies we have to pay more attention and give lots of our time to them its going to b very harsh to us we didn’t able to manage both the household and the babies so here m sharing my daily life recipes with you with all my heart and warmth hope you all love this .
To get your started, here are some of my favourite recipes:

Veg biryani

Chicken biryani

Aalu kasuri methi sabzi

Instant Sambar

Tomato garlic pasta

Easy aalu poori

I hope you’ll browse around, find something you love and make it your own! Write to me or leave a comment on one of the recipes if you like what you see.